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Hybrid bikes are often called "cross bikes" because they combine the characteristics of mountain, road, and touring bikes. They're ideal for gravel and dirt paths or paved roads and feature a number of gears to make climbing hills easier. Wheel size, gears, suspension, and brake type are four major f

Whether looking for your kid’s first bike or a more grown-up model, there are important factors to consider when buying a bike. To gain confidence, consider a model with training wheels, push handle, and no pedals to learn coordination and balance. For more confident riders, choose a cool look, diff

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More and more people are making the decision to buy a bike. Riding a bike provides great exercise, a traffic-free mode of transportation and, potentially, a lot of fun. Figuring out which bike to buy, however, can be a daunting task. With so many different types of bikes on the market, your options

Buying a new bike is oftentimes an expensive purchase. A used bike is a good alternative because it costs less than newer models. Used means it's had some wear and tear, so be wary. Follow this checklist of what to look for in a used bike before you buy.

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Mountain bikes can be tons of fun, and riding them can be great exercise. Manufacturers also continue to make big changes and improvements. If you're new to biking or just picking it up again after a long hiatus, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. That's why we chose 10 of the best

If you're going to ride your bike for one mile, how long will the trip take? There's not a single answer to the question. Just as people walk and run at different speeds, they also cycle at different speeds. A more experienced cyclist will need less time to ride a mile than someone who's an absolute